Current Signers

The following candidates and elected officials have signed the No Toxic Money Pledge.

Taking the pledge means that a candidate’s campaign will adopt a policy to not knowingly accept any contributions from Duke Energy and Dominion Energy’s PACs, executives, lobbyists or affiliates.

Candidate Race Active / Incumbent
John Autry NC State House 100 Active & Incumbent
Brian Caskey NC State Senate 48 Active
Moe Davis U.S. House, NC-11 Active
Gray Ellis NC State Senate 20
Cristal Figueroa NC State Senate 48
Kristen Goldsmith City Council of Asheville, NC
Pricey Harrison NC State House 61 Active & Incumbent
Randee Haven O’Donnell City Council of Carrboro, NC Incumbent
Sandra Kilgore City Council of Asheville, NC Active
Rich Lee City Council of Asheville, NC Active
Julie Mayfield NC State Senate 49 Active
Shane McCarthy City Council of Asheville, NC
Michael O’Shea U.S. House, NC-11
Phillip Price U.S. House, NC-11
Jillian Riley Durham Soil and Water Conservation District Active
Ben Scales NC State Senate 49
Sammy Slade City Council of Carrboro, NC Incumbent
Erica Smith U.S. Senate, NC
Travis Smith NC State Senate 49
Sage Turner City Council of Asheville, NC Active
Steve Woodsmall U.S. House, NC-11
Keith Young City Council of Asheville, NC Active & Incumbent
Nida Allum County Commissioner of Durham, NC Active
Daniel Ulysses Lockwood U.S. House, NC-04
Nate Baker County Commissioner of Durham County, NC
Jenna Wadsworth NC Commissioner of Agriculture Active
David Wilson Brown U.S. House, NC-05 Active
Wally White NC State Senate 30 Active
Pam De Maria NC State House 69 Active
Jeanne Supin NC State Senate 45 Active
Abbie Lane NC State House 23 Active
Terence Priester Durham County Soil & Water District Active
Nicole Quick NC State House 59 Active
Natalie Murdock NC State Senate 20 Active & Incumbent
Barbara Yates-Lockamy NC State Senate 13 Active
Harper Peterson NC State Senate 9 Active & Incumbent